Thursday, January 17, 2013

The best De-Clutter tip ever!!

Okay Pooka family! You are gonna love this!  We all know the crazy weather we've been having and a lot of people say that Global Warming is part of the problem!  Well trees help to fight against global warming by sucking up carbon emissions that we spit into the air.  So the more trees we cut down, the fewer we have to fight the cause which brings me to unwanted catalog mail!  My little mailbox is filled with stupid catalogs.  Fun fact: 19 billion catalogs produced per year and it takes 53 million trees to make them.  All so we can get the catalog, rip it up and put it in the garbage!  Lets start an effort to de-clutter our mailbox and save some trees!  The website is You go to the site, sign up and then find the catalogs that are coming to your mailbox and they will remove you from the list.  The site has every catalog imaginable.  I took myself off CB2, Express, Lord&Taylor.  I am so excited to see an empty coming to mailbox and to help the environment too!  Sign up today!!!!  I wonder If I can take myself off of the bill collectors lists.....

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