Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Am!!!

Greetings Family!!  Happy New Year!!  I can’t believe this January is almost half way through.  That is the same way last year flew by.  Because time does go by so quickly, especially as we get older, it is so important to live in the moment.   Tomorrow is not promised and we miss so much family, worrying about tomorrow.  Let’s try to be present in the moment for 2013!  Most important let’s be positive in those moments.  That is not always easy to do.  Life brings us all challenges so we must decide how to react to them.  I keep in my mind a quote from one of the Pookalita favorites Joel Osteen.  He said “Whatever follows I am will come looking for you”!  Pooka Family….that blows my mind whenever I say that!  It is so true!!  Our words and thoughts over ourselves have so much power!!  We all fall into that negative I Am category.  I Am fat, I Am unattractive. I Am not worthy.  Pooka family you know what I AM talking about!  You can all fill in after the blank with your own negative I Am statement!  And we say them so easily all the time and don’t even realize that we are asking for the negative we are complaining about.  Let’s all change our I Am statements for 2013 family!!  Let’s say I Am full of joy and positivity!! Let’s say I Am blessed and highly favored!   Let’s say all of the positive I Am statements we can think of whenever we open our mouths!  I Am glad to have you all as part of my family!!

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