Thursday, November 15, 2012

Surviving Sandy

Morning Pooka Family! Hope this email finds you in good health and spirits! For many of us in the northeast, we are slowly getting back to normal after Mother Nature’s 1-2 punch of Sandy and the Nor’easter. My household lost power for 4 days but there are others who are still without power over in Queens and Staten Island. I know we here in the northeast are not used to hurricanes like this and compared to what they’ve experienced in New Orleans and the south it is marginal in comparison, nevertheless; it’s really been a wake up call to me. There are so many things we take for granted and so often we forget that Mother Nature is far more a greater force than man. I guess I’m writing this just to say that this has made me more humble, cognizant and appreciative of the blessings we have in life. It’s also given me a renewed focus on helping others and giving back to those who may be facing challenging times. Thank you Sandy, for the reminder…message received!

Me and Dawn volunteering in Jersey City!  If you'd like to volunteer go to

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