Thursday, October 4, 2012


Greetings family!!! I have been so absorbed by this upcoming election as I pray that all of you are. I feel like never before, are the ideals of the candidates so diverse. This is about getting healthcare for your Dad that has cancer. This is about creating jobs and growing the economy. This is about women’s rights. This is about your grandmother being able to afford her medication. This is about the art and music programs at your child’s school. This is about the future of the Supreme Court. This is about how much you pay in taxes. This is about immigration. This is about realizing that because you need some help to feed your family while working two jobs it doesn’t make you a victim! This is about getting Pell grants and loans so I can get a better education to get a better job. This is about knowing that I have paid into a system my entire working life so therefore it cannot possibly be called and ENTITLEMENT!!! This is about knowing that I will get equal pay the same as my male co-worker. This is about using my voice and my vote to effect change!! This is about knowing that it didn’t take four years to get into a mess already in progress and it won’t take four to get us out!! It is about realizing that my life depends on my vote………because it does! Peace Family

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