Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Respect my mode!

This is more of a rant instead of a blog, sorry! But I gotta get it out, have to respect peoples modes of communication! Let me break this down, I am a texter. Mostly beacause I’m really busy and sometimes I’m cooking pooka at the warehouse, its easier to text a quick short answer than to have a full conversation. As an entrepreneur I have to be careful about my time, because I work for myself, friends and family call to chat all day long. So I usually send a quick text and time when I’ll be able to chat. So when people call me and the phone just rings or I don’t answer they get very upset, but I say, “text me”. Folks don’t seem to like that so they call anyway only to get my voice mail. Now on the other hand I have friends that don’t text so I know If I want to talk to them I have to call them because they don’t text. I have other friends who prefer email so when its time to chat with them I know to email them. I respect their mode of communication. So all I’m saying is if you want to get in touch with someone you have to respect their mode of communication. My favorite are my friends who text me and say....”call me!” I can’t win, LOL! But I have to say that I’m glad that I have this problem because it means I have great friends and family in my life! (you know I had to clean that one up or I would be gettin some angry texts today, LOL!)

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