Thursday, August 25, 2011

My New Baby!

Hi Pooka Family!! Well, as you know, I have two boys and people would always ask me if I was going to have a girl. I would just smile and say "No, no more kids for me!" I was happy with the way my life was going, my youngest was about to start kindergarten and I was ready to get back a little freedom. That was the way I felt until I fell in love, after that nothing has been the same! One saturday my kids and I went to Petco, to check out the birds and fish. This is something that we usually do so it was no biggie. Little did I know they were having adoption day and there were about 50 puppies and 30 kittens waiting to be adopted! Of course my kids dived right in, "Oh we want this one, no this one" there were so many choices! Me, being the parent, the voice of reason states, "You can look but we are not bringing anybody home with us!" Of course my kids didn't even pay attention to me as they went around looking for the perfect pup. Then they found her, a buff colored lab mix named Gracie. "Can we keep her mom?" They asked me with big round eyes. Of course I started spouting off all the reasons we couldn't......"Carpet throughout our house, no time, too much money,who's gonna take care of her? Not me!" As I'm standing there debating with them, one of the workers walks up and starts talking about how Gracie would be such a great dog for two growing boys. I look at her like yeah whatever lady! She then says they are not a no kill facility (which means if you don't get picked to go home with soneone, your pretty much fried!) So now I'm feeling guilty, but I don't let that totally stop me, "We don't have the money right now", I tell the children. Just then a couple steps up and they offer to give me a cage that they have, for free! Great! Then the adoption agency throws in a free bag of dog food, with treats! Gracie has had all of her shots and she's spayed! Alright give me the damn dog I say I guess it was just meant to be. I already have a million Gracie, stories to tell, for next time, so stay tuned....

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