Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to get your rent to decrease in a recession!?!!

Okay people, now you know I always have a story and Donna told me not to share this one because it makes me look um how shall we say, like a loser, LOL!!! But you know I always share with you Pooka family! I have to say I am happy today because I will be having my rent lowered this year! Yup lowered! I got a notice under my door that my rent was increasing by $10.00 a month this year,( my rent goes up every year). I was confused but when I looked at my old papers and found my last rent increase somehow I got the numbers transposed(that's a nice way to put it!) and for the entire year I have been paying $15.00 more a month than i was supposed to!!!! So now that my rent has gone up $10 a month this year I will actually be paying $5.00 less!!! Don’t JUDGE ME PEOPLE, I’VE BEEN REALLY BUSY,LOL!!! I decided to look on the bright side and realize that’s $5 extra dollars in my pocket and I’ll be contacting my landlord to get my extra dough back! So all in all my rent has decreased and when I demand my money back I’ll actually have saved a little something!!!! So in this case not paying attention paid off? Ahhh who am I kidding Donna was right, please stamp an L on my forehead,LOL!!!

ps maybe i could afford my prescriptions at walmart if i paid my correct rent,hahaha!


  1. You are hilarious this is the chucle I needed in an other wise stressful day.