Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Afro Power Continues!!!

Greetings Family! Just reporting in that I am still perm free after 14 months and counting!! Very proud of myself!! Sometimes us natural sisters are standing tall and wearing our style proud. Some days well we are just…natural lol! I will say though, that I have met many people and received lots of compliments with my new fro and many seem to happen while commuting. Family you remember my Foxy Brown post!! Well that was a subway story but I must give equal time to the NJ railroad.

There is an older man who I see most mornings while I wait for the train. We have never introduced ourselves but always smile or nod to say good morning. Well my afro must have looked extra righteous this particular day because he walked over and said good morning and made it obvious he wanted to have a conversation. I noticed he had a very heavy accent...

“Gooda morning! I donta mean to bother you.” I returned the good morning as my parents taught me. “I lika your hair!” Oh, thank you. “My wifa, she hasa curly hair too! I wanta my wifa to hava her hair lika your hair! Well family I took the compliment but wasn’t sure how to proceed with this conversation because this was an older white man that I was speaking with. I said, “Well… is your wife African American?” “ My wifa, shes Italian. I wanta her to go where you gotta your hair done so her curls cana looka like you curls.” Well… it is not for me to determine where people get their hair done. I proceeded to give him a card for my beauty salon (Thanks Kenya and Lisa!!) and gave him directions. “Oh thanka you! You see my wifa….shes a fat! Her curls goa out and I wanta her curls to goa down lika your curls. Thanka you so much” And away he went to get on the train. Well family while I stood there with my mouth open I wondered ….will I have to call my salon to tell them a new client is on the way, has he stopeed any other sisters to ask about their “curls”, does his wife know that he thinks that shes a fat! It was all too much to ponder so early in the morning so I patted my fro and decided to just go to work, my work there was done and I had used my Afro powers for Good!

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