Monday, October 6, 2008

When did I turn into my mother?

Growing up as little kids our mothers were always there for us, trying to make sure we were doing the things we were supposed to do. "Be polite, Be quiet, smile, wear your earrings (for those of us without a lot of hair :) make sure your clothes are neat etc. the list goes on and on..........................I always thought when I grow up I'm gonna do what I want to do and mommy can't tell me otherwise! (Because we thought we knew more than they did of course) Well for many a year after being out on my own and doing what I wanted to do, I had kids. I have now officially turned into my mother. "Clean your room, it’s a pigsty (no lipstick involved)", You eat all of those lima beans on your plate, there are children starving all over the world" (it was and still is a fact). What’s wrong with your sneakers from last year, they don't have any holes in them!". " No you can't stay up late because you never want to get up in the morning.", and my old time favorite, "BECAUSE I SAID SO!!!!!!!”. I didn't know if anything I was saying was actually working until William told his Auntie Dawn that mommy was mean, "she won't let me do anything." now that made me smile. My Mommy is so proud of me!!!!

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  1. I's so funny to know I'm not alone in this. Anytime I catch myself doing or saying something my mother used to say to me as a kid, I call her up and tell her how she's such a terrible mother for having rubbed of of me. We have a a good laugh...I laugh because I get to call her a bad mother and she laughs because my son is giving me the