Tuesday, August 19, 2008

S.O.S (Save Our Sanity!)

I was reading the news the other day and I ran across an article that stated because of the state of the economy there are some school districts that are cutting down to four days a week. Making the school week Tuesday thru Friday. What!!!! The parents in this particular town didn't seem to mind it too much seeing that most of them are self-employed with jobs in farming or construction. Well I can't imagine having to stay home one more day with my kids! Don't get me wrong, you know I love them................................. but sometimes the only way I don't lose my mind IS to go to work! I mean what are we going to do on monday? Never mind that you would be missing a day's pay in your check, now you have to entertain them all day like its saturday or sunday. Think about it, you do all your house work on saturday cleaning, washing, taking care of your personal business. After all the work is done you might go to the mall, catch a movie, ya know just relax and hang out. Sunday comes you go to church, cook dinner, iron all the clothes you've washed on saturday, maybe go to the park, relax for the rest of the day and get ready for the work week. Now if we're not going anywhere on MONDAY what are we supposed to do? We've done all of our work, we've played all we can play and now we have an extra day to do all of that again? I say NO I don't care how much it cost! You send those kids to school! What is the government trying to do, make parents go crazy! If the government doesn't want parents marching, fighting and looting in the streets you will keep the schools open! S.O.S Save Our Sanity! I'd even pay extra if they could go on saturday for a few hours!

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  1. I was laughing hysterically! The comments about the childern were totally unexpected. I don't have any myself, but I can sympahize. Heck, woman to woman, I may even contribute to the cost of keeping the school doors open ;-)

    Take care!