Monday, August 4, 2008

Fibroids and a Foodie???

Greetings Pooka Family!

It is again that time of sharing. You all know that I am President of the Foodie Nation. You may not know however that I have been a long time fibroid sufferer. This is a problem that unfortunately plagues African American women in very high numbers. I personally know several “sisters of the roid” as I affectionately call us. It is a very real issue that can range from annoyance to severe pain. I actually got to the point which required surgery for their removal. By my research there are several factors which can lead to fibroids some hereditary, but diet and exercise definitely play a key role. African American woman tend to have a diet high in salt and fat and may not exercise as often as we should. I unfortunately still suffer from fibroids but I need to make life style changes to avoid another surgery. Fibroids and a Foodie….can these two things coexist?? Fibroid growth has been linked to increases in estrogen in the body. The key is to limit your diet with estrogen free foods. A fibroid free diet should contain NO dairy, NO meat especially red and limited sugar. It should be low in fat and high in fiber! Well…what is a foodie supposed to eat! Did anyone see the cover of the latest Cooking Light magazine with the pan size puffed apple pancake. It made me cry!!! Now foods that help are lots of fresh fruits and veggies, (no problem, love those) nuts (good protein source), seafood, (ok, my favorite) fresh juices in moderation, flax-can put on my oatmeal. Ok all good but is anyone else bored by this list or is it just me?? To have good health is to have everything and I know this all to well. So therefore family I am going to have to work this out. I am going to have to update my recipe repertoire to take into consideration my health goals. I will become a regular at Whole Foods because there are many healthy alternatives and natural foods that I can eat (as my sister Dawn tells me everyday!!) I definitely have to get it moving with exercise for the body and yoga for the mind. I will do this family because I have to. I will be a Foodie with a Fibroid!! So send me your support and any tips and recipes that you would like to share. I would also love to hear from any other sisters of the roid. We can do this!!



  1. Dear Donna, I am so with you my sistah. I am too a fibroid sufferer, However I have had two surgeries already and I vow not to have another one. I had to change my diet for whole grains, fruits and vegetables in order to keep these fibroids at bay. This is all new to me as well. I just got serious last month. I have made a decision and made up my mind that I want to be healthier, lose weight and ultimately be fibroid free. I may bump into you at the Whole foods. I also go to Wegmans as well.

  2. I'm also a fibroid sufferer, it's good to have some sisters to share success stories with. I had surgery and my menses is still long(7-10 days, but not painful), I just came from the doctor and he said I still have some. One doc wants me to get another laser surgery for internal fibroids. I have not changed my diet though. I wonder if eating healthy really really helps, we try different things but do they work; so please share that. Donna has your cycle improved since changing your diet? this is ridiculous, Frustrated.