Tuesday, July 1, 2008

We Still Need You

From time to time I just shake my head and smile when I think of the long, blessed trail we have traveled with Pooka. I could never have imagined this little idea would grow into a little company that would appear in national magazines and not one, but two national television shows. We have truly been blessed. To get the opportunity to work with my sister and my girlfriends and other members of my family has been a dream come true. I’ve learned a lot about myself over the years… I didn’t know just how resilient I could be!!

I would be less than truthful if I didn’t say the road has been rough too. A lot of folks have written or told me in person how proud they are of me and Pooka. They have seen the articles and TV appearances and congratulated us on “making it.” Most of the time I just smile and keep it moving but if it’s someone I know I may take the time to remind them of the expenses associated with business. I know they mean well but we are not quite in a place where we have made it [that’s putting it nicely]. We are hustling to make it every day like most of you.

We definitely take time to recognize the achievements and accomplishments and how many companies don’t get to celebrate a 7th anniversary but we have a long way to go before we get to the place we’re trying to reach. We still need you… all of you. No order is too small. We need your referrals… your friends, family, church members and their people. We are looking for every way we can think of to help spread the word of Pooka but advertising is expensive. Pooka is still a small company and we rely on individuals to keep us going. No matter where you see us – magazines, TV, websites – we still know who we are and who keeps us going. We share our blessings with you like we do with our family and friends but, please believe, there is no Pooka without you.

Peace and blessings,



  1. Hi Dawn. I was introduced to Pooka by Tracey Michael Lewis through her magazine ANOINTED. When she sent me some of your products as a gift, I was hooked. Someone also gave me one of your items as a Christmas gift. I heard you mentioned on the Michael Baisden show. It's good to know you're still in business. I'll be ordering product shortly. :-)

  2. Dawn,
    You know I will always be Pookas #1customer, so if it takes me to spend my entire little teacher salary I will...