Monday, July 7, 2008

Graduation 2008

Well it happened....... they all told me that the day would come, that I should prepare myself, its like being at the top of a roller coaster just before you head down, your excited and nervous but willing to go on with the journey (not like you can get off now anyway). Yes I'm talking about my Baby graduating form Kindergarten! I know, I know there’s lots more to come, more graduations, dates, heartaches, the prom. Everyone says that after the first graduation it all just goes by so fast, I mean William is my baby, my first baby and everyone knows there is nothing like the first. (take it from me I was the second) It was sooo nice all of the parents were there cheering their kids on, as we watched pictures of them from the school year, watching all of the fun that they had, knowing that they were in a good place, not just learning but being cared for. They did a play "The grouchy Lady bug" (okay so we couldn't hear most of it, it seemed like then the kids wanted to whisper their parts) and it was good. William was the elephant and he said his line perfectly. They then sang " I believe I can fly"(which I guess was okay being that R was acquitted, Hummmmm, but that’s another story). Then it was time to receive the diplomas, all the kids were anxious as they waited for their name to be called. William J. Reeves was called out he stood up and walked across the floor he received his diploma and turned to me with a big bright smile and my heart just broke! I will not cry, I told myself as tears started to well up in my eyes. I was so proud of my child! He's gone from being my baby to my little man, Awhhh who am I kidding? He will always be my baby! I love you Will!


  1. April,
    That is the cutest story...I know he is truly a blessing to you...

  2. April Girl!
    This post made me cry cause I know Will is our first baby!