Thursday, October 24, 2013

Natural Days

Hey Family! 
I am sitting in the salon, MEKO NY getting my fro done as I write this blog. What a wonderful thing! Now  this is something I would never say when I was on the creamy crack.....I mean when I had a perm! When you HAVE to go to the salon no matter how fab it is .....sometimes the thrill is just gone!  I have been to more salons and have let more people perm cut wash dry and color my hair than I can count It is a wonder I have any hair on my head lol! But we have all been there and some still are I still love you my perm sisters! However now that I have been through the program I will never go back! Now natural hair is a lot of work but it is good work You have more style choices than you can imagine and I love the feel of my natural curls Yes sisters we all have curls under there I get more compliments and have more hair conversation with sisters than I ever did back on the perm Remember that feeling when you were little and your mother would let your hair out after she straightened it but before she braided it lol! You ran around because your hair was out and you felt free! My natural hair lets me feel free everyday So as I settle under the dryer on a low setting letting my chemical free henna do its work it is a lovely afternoon Meko is taking good care of me! I won't be back for a few months until she has to touch me up again which makes this a special being pampered occasion. So sisters stop hesitating and come and join me I have this wonderful Pooka hair butter and nectar that you can use as part of your regimen! 

Peace Family!

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