Thursday, July 18, 2013

The best bullet!

Hey Pooka family!
I just want to briefly share my newest looooove!  Well it’s not tall dark and handsome but it does make me happy!  It’s my NUTRIBULLET!!  Yes family, I have found love in a kitchen appliance :-)  I’m always on a quest to be healthier and to make my loved ones healthier too.  I tried to get everyone into juicing, I told them what juicer to buy and what fruits and veggies to juice for a boost in their health. That was an unsuccessful attempt because one after the next the juicing stopped.  It was one thing, the CLEAN UP!  Juicers are messy and to me you’re throwing away a lot of the fruits and veggies skins and pulp which have all of the nutrients.  So then I moved to my blender but it just wouldn’t blend the ingredients up to liquid form and for me I didn’t love this clean up either.  So then one night, I’m up late watching an infomercial and its about the Nutribullet.  I LOVE THIS THING!  It comes with a cup and you load it full of vegetables, fruits, nuts, basically anything, then you twist the bottom on and put it right on the machince and voila! a delicious fruit veggy smoothie!  The best part is, no clean up, you can drink right from the mixing cup and then just rinse it out.  It’s a lazy girls dream!  Plus you aren’t throwing away of the good nutrients, you are drinking everything.  People, the nutribullet can really make a change in your health.  They're sold online for $99.00 or if you’re near a Bed Bath and Beyond they carry them as well and if you download the %20 off coupon you can get it for $80!! It will be the best money you’ve ever spent!!!!

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