Thursday, February 28, 2013

Watch your left, when your dealing with the right!

I'm left handed and all of my life my parents and teachers have tried to show me how to write properly( which they considered right handed) It never worked out my right hand writing was terrible so they let me go back to left hand writing which was slightly less terrible. I vowed that I would never put my kids through the pain and anguish I had to go through being left handed so when Will was starting to pick things up it was with his right hand, so I was like great! This should be a piece of cake, he's right handed! Well I obviously passed down the terrible handwriting to him, because he can't write worth a lick. I thought his handwriting was ok but his teachers tell me otherwise, " he really needs to practice more " his teacher tells me. So I have turned into my parents and all of old teachers. We practice, and practice and practice. We practice slow, fast,in between, I even made him change hands to see if the left one was better......nope. Then I decided that it must be the pencil sharpener, maybe if we had a new one his writing would be clearer because the point would be sharper which would inturn translate into clearer writing. I went out and brought a professional pencil sharpener, new number 2 pencils and clean sheets of paper. I had soft jazz playing in the background and incense burning. We did some deep breathing exercises and then we were ready to begin. It was going really well,(at least I thought so) when I noticed Wes was missing from the scene. "Wes where are you?" I called. Well good old Wes was upstairs sharpening all the pencils down to a nub, he was "helping." Thanks Wes, I guess I should be glad he didn't try the sharpener with pens!

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