Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Pooka Family…..yes I am still reeling off of the Giants win on Sunday! There’s nothing like a sporting event to get folks together laughing, talking loud and rooting for their team! Donna and I (and our hubby’s and Taiye) attended a Superbowl party at one of our couple friend’s home where everyone was just having a good ‘ole time! What I also like about going to their Superbowl parties is that they incorporate an educational component to the party. At halftime, they do trivia! The trivia topics vary from year to year but one topic always remains and that’s black history. Not only do we have fun watching the game but we’re also stimulating our minds and keeping our history alive with the trivia questions. Another good thing is there’s a wide range of age groups at the party so we are not only re-educating ourselves on our black history but we are also reinforcing it for kids from age 2 to age 22! I encourage you family to incorporate a little black history in everything you do, not just this month, but every month!!

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