Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bert and Ernie....Fitch!

Well guys you know I always have to share silly things that crack me up! Last week about 7:00 in the morning a text came through my phone and it was from Donna. I rolled over and read it and it was in all exclamation points!!! She said, "I'm on the train and I'm looking at a poster of Bert and Ernie and that's me and you!!!! "Bert is looking very serious and Ernie has his arm around his shoulder goofing off!!! I emailed her back and we cracked up and laughed. For those of you who don't know last week was the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street, pictures were everywhere. Later that day I started to think about this...HEY.....Wait a minute!! Bert was the serious, smart, tall and lean one and Ernie was the silly, short, round one, just what was she trying to say! LOL! But growing up we both loved Sesame Street, I think we all grew up on it, then it hit me that Sesame Street was 40 years old!!! I screamed, I'm older than Sesame Street!!! The only thing that gave me some joy was that Donna was a lot older than Sesame Street, so what did I do? Yup, called her right away to remind her of this fact. I told her while, I, Ernie, was laying in a crib napping, she came running home from school (yup old enough to be in school) to announce to my parents that a new show was coming on called SESAME STREET!!!! Now that's old! I asked her if she remembered when Gone With the Wind came out in the movies? She did not find that funny! But people even though me and my sister are both older than sesame street, we have fond memories and we'll always be Bert and Ernie Fitch!

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