Friday, September 14, 2007

Let's Catch Up

The Holidays are coming!!

Yes, I know you do not want to hear that when you're trying to get one more week out of those flip flops! Things are really starting to blossom (only took 6 years!) First, let me catch you up to speed fast so we can start chatting a little more regularly.

We've moved! We got a bigger warehouse and we are going to do some fun stuff. Besides our regular store hours, we're going to have some spa nights, book signings(that'd be me), exclusive events for our biggest customers, we've got soooo much planned so stay tuned.

Our first event will be our Grand Re-Opening Party! Keep checking the blog so I can give you all of the details, okay here is one little one it's on the 29th of Sept., but no more until later!

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